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Security Guard Training Ontario is not only required for all Canadian residents to have a first-aid certificate, but it also consists of classroom education. This enables security guards to learn the basics of criminal law, investigative techniques, communications, and investigation methods. It would also go a long way in enhancing your job skills. You will have a better command over your fellow security guards and be able to solve problems quickly. Moreover, you can expect to earn a very decent salary when you secure security for both residential and commercial properties.

There are various kinds of security guard training courses being offered in many educational institutions across the country. Security training academies are the best places to turn to if you wish to undergo formal security guard training. The duration of a course varies from six to twelve weeks, depending on the program.

Security training academies offer specialized courses for people who want to join the profession as professional security officers. A person may need to attend a specific number of classes before he or she is granted an apprenticeship by one of the Canadian companies that deal with security and related issues. At the end of the training period, the trainees get a security guard training diploma which is an identification card that proves their competence in the field. However, some companies may also hire you on a trial basis and give you the chance to successfully complete the course.Security Guard Training Ontario

Security officer training involves the theoretical and practical aspects of being a professional security guard. The curriculum includes subjects like human psychology, sociology, ethics, communications and criminology. Security guards are usually called in to provide security at residential, commercial and public buildings and facilities. The role of the security officer requires him or her to be able to interact safely with both clients and non-clients. They must be capable of making quick decisions under stressful situations and have the ability to make split-second decisions under tough situations. This is what makes them unique from police officers or firefighters because they have to rely solely on their sixth sense to solve problems.

The training academies offer four levels of security officer training: the first one is for those who want to be guards on a part-time basis and the second one for those who want to become full-fledged security officers. The third level of training is intended for candidates who want to become professional security officers on a full-time basis and can work as guards in various fields. The final level is intended for candidates who have already completed their training and wish to become instructors at a security school.

Security training academies offer different types of courses. Some of these are classroom sessions where you can learn about crime scene investigation, surveillance, emergency response, crime prevention, first aid, weapon use, closed-circuit television, personal protective equipment use, surveillance and apprehension, risk assessment and organization at work, among other things. There are also online courses for security guard training. Some of them include e-books, training DVDs, online courses and virtual classroom sessions. Security officers learn how to react appropriately to emergencies by learning the basics of crime scene investigation, emergency protocol, crisis management, weapon use, closed-circuit television, surveillance and apprehension. You will also be trained in how to transport and handle hazardous materials and how to protect yourself while guarding clients or assets.

Security officer jobs are usually associated with private companies, government agencies and law enforcement agencies. The training received will depend on what kind of security services you provide. Some security guard training academies offer specialized training in specific industries like forensics, corrections, immigration, aviation, private security, and technology. In addition to the training courses, you will also have to complete a background check and take a written exam. Most security officer jobs require you to have a state license and you can expect to receive a certificate of completion after completing the security guard training course.

Becoming a security guard is not an easy job. It requires great physical stamina, skill and knowledge about computers, communication and math. Security guards must be versatile because they are responsible for watching over people who are suspect and are often in difficult or dangerous situations. You must be able to work overtime and be on call 24 hours a day. To become a successful security guard, you must continue your education through security guard training and security officer certification.

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